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Grammar School of Design, Lysá nad Labem /Lysa upon Elbe/

The school has a long 120-year-old tradition. In these days the school is focused on art, creative and clothing branches of study. It is a state or public school, which means that students do not pay and their studies are free of school charges. 


Is held in classrooms well-equiped with modern technology. As a very important part of the school itself there are graphic and clothes designers´ workshops and art galleries where students study art, graphic, design and clothes production techniques and skills. 
After four years of studies and after certified school-leaving examinations our students can go on their studies at a university or at other kinds od higher education. 


Further and detailed information about all branches of study:

- Clothes Designing: a 4-year-study with a certified leaving examination 
- Graphic Design : a 4-year-study with a certified leaving examination 
- Interior Designing: a 4-year-study with a certified leaving examination 
Management: a 2-year-study /for students with a professional certificate/, finished with a certified leaving examination 
- Management: a 3-year-study /for students on job with a professional certificate/, finished with a certified leaving examination 

Accommodation and Boarding

As another part of the school there is a boarding house for students who cannot comute so long distances. There are about 150 beds in three-bed rooms with all equipment. Students can use clubrooms, study rooms, a library, computers with the Internet, a fitness room and an aerobic gym. 

School History and its Targets

School History 
As early as at the break of 19th and 20th century the school was founded in the town of Lysá nad Labem /Lysá upon Elbe/ as the School for Craftsmen. Until the year of 1973 the school provided many opportunities for professional qualification acquiring in many instructional apprentice branches, mostly in building and business fields of study. At the beginning of the year of 1974 the school started its orientation towards clothing branches of study and gradually there were other new branches of secondary as well as instructional studies which were missing and demanded in the region. 
From the original name of Secondary Professional Apprentice Centre of Local Economy in Lysá nad Labem another name for school came into existence thanks to enlargement of study offers. The very name of school was changed to Secondary Professional School and Secondary Professional Apprentice Centre, which is still in use up to now. 
Ever since the year of 1991 the school has been an independent legal subject and its establisher is now the Office of Central Bohemian Authorities. The school is financed by the government and it is free of charge. 

School Targets of Education

The school educates professionals with secondary education. Students – graduates receive either secondary school-leaving /maturita/ certificate or apprentice professional certificate. 
While educating our students for their future jobs we follow several targets: 
- In the course of comprehensive education we follow general knowledge acquiring which is possible to be used both in professional and further long-life education. 
- In the course of professional education we follow full orientation, knowledge, skills and abilities in an acquired professional field. 
The best reward for all educational care which we provide to all of our student is that they are well-applied at the market of work opportunities and demands.

Art Gallery and Workshops

In the course of the school year of 2006/2007 all reconstructions of art galleries sites, situated in the centre of the town, were finished and art subjects education was started here in newly equiped and modern art galleries – classrooms which can provide all kinds of art techniques teaching. 

School Building

There are 14 classrooms for comprehensive education including language classrooms, science laboratories and computer rooms as well as special classrooms for teaching business skills. 
In the course of the school year of 2004/2005 a new laboratory of chemistry and a new classroom for teaching of clothing design started their running.